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Great Barbecue needs great flavor
The zorestar story

Zorestar started as a small business, and the belief that firestarters should always work - even when wet -, and that cooking wood should add great flavor to your meal. And be, of course, 100% organic.

And that is still Zorestar's mission! Zorestar takes your barbecue experience to the next level - with great firestarters and mouthwatering flavored wood.

100% natural.

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BBQ smoking tool set gift box

great Gifts for dads

20pc superior gift set for true BBQ smoking enthusiasts.

Sharing food with others – a worldwide sign of hospitality

Humans are a social species. Humans have always need each other, since the times when the environmental circumstances were very challenging or even life threatening.

So mankind learned, that it could survive better, if it cooperated. And that both parties benefit from diplomacy instead of conflict. Mankind learned that hospitality is an important foundation of human interaction.

And a very important and traditional way of showing hospitality, is sharing food. Because what it really boils down to is the fact that we help others thrive and stay alive by giving them food. So why not celebrate life with a fine barbecue and share it with friends and family?

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