How To Cook Over A Campfire With BBQ Wood Logs?

How To Cook Over A Campfire With BBQ Wood Logs?

Choosing the wood

If you plan to cook over a campfire, it is essential to choose the right type of wood. First, you should remember that softwoods as pine are not suitable. They contain resins and will add unpleasant bitter taste to your food. The best choice is hardwoods (oak, beech) and fruitwood (cherry, apple). Hardwoods burn for a long time and add a brisk taste to smoked meat. Fruitwood ,in turn, will create a mild smoky flavour. If you try to find the wood locally, choose dry and relatively light wood.

Starting a fire

Do not use lighter fluid to start a fire, as you do not want your food to taste bad. Use some paper, leaves or twigs to light a fire and then add wood logs. Now it’s time to wait until all the wood burns down, we need only the heat and smoke produced by the coals. Or just pull some hot embers to the side letting the main fire going.

Cooking time!

You can use a grid, which is perfect for cooking some burgers, sausages or chicken pieces.

In case you do not have any grilling equipment, you may use a self-made spit - wooden pole, held above the fire by a couple of supports. It allows to cook bigger pieces of meat, even a whole chicken, but be ready that it will take much time.

To cook some vegetables, fruit or fish use foil. Just wrap anything you want to cook and put in hot embers.

Grilling over an open fire is quite simple, but you have to be patient and check if there is enough heat, raking the embers from time to time.

Enjoy your grilling!

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