How To Use Wood Chunks On A Gas Or Charcoal Grill?

wood chunks for smoking grilling bbq

It may sound elementary if you have experience with using wood chunks. However, if you are new to it, you are welcome to check these simple steps on how to use wood chunks on a gas and charcoal grill. 

Note, that there is no need to soak wood chunks before you use them, since they do not absorb much water. Nevertheless, you may try to do so (soak for at least 30 minutes) if you like and figure out if it makes sense for you. 

Charcoal grill

The first step is to choose whether you will use direct or indirect heat method.

Direct heat means grilling right over the heat. It is suitable for hot dogs, hamburgers, vegetables, and seafood.

Indirect heat means cooking near the heat and for a long time. Suitable for large cuts of meat and baked potatoes. 

For indirect grilling place 2-3 wood chunks to each mound of lit charcoal. Add some chunks when it stops smoking. 

For direct grilling place 2 to 3 chunks directly on the bed of coals and cook the food directly over them.

Gas grill

When using a gas grill place 3 wood chunks into each burner box. Then turn the burners on high.  After a while, you can add some wood chunks if needed.

Before tasting your food, you need to make sure it is completely cooked. Just taking a look at your food is not enough to know if it is ready. It is better to use a thermometer and check whether the safe minimum internal temperature of the meat is reached. 

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Enjoy your grilling!