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Wood Pellets for Smoking - 6/9 pc XXL Flavor Variety Pack

Wood Pellets for Smoking - 6/9 pc XXL Flavor Variety Pack

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You recently got a smoker, are already a smoking enthusiast or just want to experiment with different flavors? Check out our XXL variety pack of wood pallets with different flavors to boost the taste of your BBQ to the next level!

  • BREATHTAKING AROMA:  Our smoking pallets create mild smoked flavor with a touch of sweetness. They are evenly sized which provides the right amount of smoke to flavor your dishes and ensures a consistent and awesome taste.
  • 100% VALUE: With a pack of 6 or 9 different flavors, you can easily try out every type and find out which one you like best. Try different flavors, mix them and create your own perfect blend!
  • ALL NATURAL: Excellent for cooking as our wood does not contain any artificial additives or chemicals. Our pallets are not treated with any pesticides, therefore it is safe for your health. NO splinters in the bag, only evenly sized BBQ wood pallets.
  • ALL-ROUND TALENT: Fruit smoking pallets are best suited for delicate meat like chicken and fish, pork ribs, steak, brisket, poultry, beef, salmon or other kinds of meat, fish or vegetables. Can be used in a smoker, charcoal / Big Green Egg grill, electric/gas grill or an outdoor fireplace. Suitable for cold/slow smoking.
    Hint: Can also be used for adding smoking flavor to exceptional drinks like Whiskey and cocktails.
  • 100% ECO-FRIENDLY: Take advantage of our eco-friendly packaging! After Using the wood pallets, just recycle the packaging materials to start a fire in your fireplace the next time!
    • Each bag of wood pallets weighs approximately 1.2 - 1.4lb (+/-5%)
    • The diameter of a single smoker pellet is approximately between 0.25”-0.3”
    • The length of a single wood pellet is approximately 0.5”-1.5”

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Great BBQ needs great flavor

When Zorestar was born, our founder Oleksiy had the vision to create a premium brand featuring everything you need for a superior barbecue experience.

He worked on several fruit wood blends, until he settled for the perfect mild-smoked flavors, that you can now use for your meat, fish, and vegetables dishes.

We make sure that our hand-crafted blends include only wood with a compact cell structure – that results in an even burn, produces low amounts of ash, and always gives you the perfect wood-fire flavor.

Discover more about us

When choosing Zorestar, you are getting the best and most trusted wood in the market.
That ensures a superior flavor for your barbecue - every time.

We only use natural wood without any chemicals or other additives – only 100% natural wood safe for cooking.

We bring great flavored fruit wood to all the BBQ heros out there - to improve your grilling and smoking
With Zorestar, you will get pure taste - nothing less!

Thank you for supporting our small business!


"Awesome smoking wood chips. Adds great flavor and smell to food. Only issue is.. how am I going to enjoy food when it’s not cooked with this?? Great product!!"

Cory Acome (New York)

"I have used lump charcoal in the past but it's dusty and dirty. Zorestar´s firestarter are clean, no mess on your hands and so easy to use I let my daughter start the fire 🔥 this was even after a few days of rain she was able to use this to start a fire and keep it going long enough to get a good fire going.

Charlie (Maxfield)

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but, I am hear to say this is one of my favorite purchases. I do not own a smoker but, I grill A LOT! With the variety of wood chips, I have been able to turn my grill into a smoker. With the amount of chips, I will be smoking for awhile. The quantity for the price is exceptional. I totally recommend."

Shawn Stout (Illinois)